WR21 failing CHAP authentication with Fairpoint Rad server

Hi everyone,

I’m attempting to use a WR21 to authenticate a PPPoE session with a Fairpoint DSL modem in bridge mode. I can see the CHAP request come in from the remote side, but it seems to be failing locally. I’ve double checked the username and password with Fairpoint and all is well, no trouble with the connection when testing with my laptop set up for a PPPoE session. I’ve attached a trace and screenshot of the ppp negotiation settings; I’m inexperienced setting up a WR21 for this purpose so any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

On second glance, it seems even the LCP process is failing sometimes— any thoughts/common culprits here?

Hmmm, can’t seem to paste in a screen shot or attach anything…

You would need to switch analyser on the transport and select the PPP connection you are using for othentication.

it could be failing because the PPP neg has two many options enabled on the transport and the dls modem is refusing the request.

if you still have problems you should contact support with the ana trace