WR41 and WR44

Can anyone simplify the difference between WR41 and WR44

There are many differences, dimensions, power requirements, available options, available ethernet ports, etc.
If you have a specific difference in mind, please ask.

Most differences can be learned by reading the spec sheets.


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If I need only 1ETH, support VPN, Can add multiple routes(diff subnets), Support encriptions, Support SNMP v3.

WR41 will be enough?

Processing power is more in WR44?

How about the DR models?


The differences between the models are hardware.
The WR41, WR44 and DR will support all the features you mentioned.
The models all run the same OS and software.
Unless you need a specific hardware feature which is not available on the WR41, the WR41 should meet the needs you mentioned.
FYI, the WR44 does have a faster processor than the WR41, but the speed difference is not noticeable in most usages.
Unless you have a need for ADSL, the WR41 is probably your better choice over the DR.

Also, you may wish to review Quick Note 17 section 3 at this link:


Thanks for the information. Considering 50 vpn tunnels WR44 will be the best option, is it?

The WR44 is a very good choice.
Both the WR44 and the WR41 provide support for 5 VPN tunnels. Support for additioanl tunnels up to 50 total can be purchased any time.