writing NVRAM section in NAND Flash


my application is running on a connectcore9p9360 using Net+Os 7.4.2.

I want to write some parameter into NVRAM within the NAND flash via HTTP web. Thus, the function NANVWrite (unsigned long offset, char *buffer, unsigned long length) in file narmnvrm.c will be called. As the offset a parameter in file acpu_appconf.h is taken. Then, the function nvnand_Write in file nandnvram.c is called.

Because BSP_UBOOT_ENV_SHARE is defined to true in file bsp_drivers.h, I get following codes:

int nvnand_Write (unsigned long offset, char *buffer, unsigned long length)
return yaffs_writeBoardParameters(buffer, length);

Thus, the parameter offset will not be used and the function yaffs_writeBoardParameters will be called.

My question:

  1. is it correct, if the parameter offset is not considered? How does the system know, in which position of NVRAM we want to write?

  2. How is it, if the BSP_UBOOT_ENV_SHARE is changed to defined
    to FALSE?

Many Thanks,