X-CTU New Version


When using the latest version of X-CTU it seems the default value of KY, AES Encryption Key, is always missing by default. I’m not currently using AES Encryption, so I don’t need it for now.

Anyway, it is red/missing by default so I can’t write out changes with an invalid value. If I set it to 0-zero, it seems to allow me to write the settings to the radio.

It seems I can work around it but thought you should know about it in case you have the option to update it.

The same thing seems to happen in some cases with DD, Device type identifier. I found a refernce that says it should be 1 for xbee 802.15.4, series 1, but it seems to reset to 10000.


BTW, still looking for info on 2-way communication for series 1 using python. Please see my question posted April 9th, /39153/best-2-way-config-xbee-series-1

For the encryption key (KY), it is a write-only parameter, so it will never populate when you read from a radio or view defaults. This is also the case on the older version of X-CTU, or even if you query it with an AT command. Blank is the default. But as long as you have EE=0, it does not matter what KY is set to.

For the DD parameter, it will be a 32-bit field with the upper word being the radio type, and the lower word being product type. This is used to identify what type of product you are working with remotely, whether it is an analog or digital adapter, oem radio, or any of Digi’s other packaged products. Unless you are working with a Digi gateway, or some of the legacy XBee-Pro 900 radios, it will not matter what DD is set to.

More information about DD can be found here if you are concerned: http://www.digi.com/wiki/developer/index.php/XBee_Product_Codes