I am working on a project involving RCM3200 and home automation using X10. I want to know whether it is possible to use X10.lib on Dynamic C ver. 9.21. From what I’ve read so far the library was available with Dynamic C Lite but I had no luck finding it anywhere here. Is it at all possible to use it with RCM3200?

Hi, Qawlik:

I met the same issue in my project !!

I had purchased to ImagineTools Ethernet Starter Kit package about 3 years
ago (as below the website) & purchased RCM5600W so far, it work well at my job,
currently, I woulod like to let the project made up of RCM3700 to upgrade the
Dynamic C from V8.51 to V10.64 with RCM5600W development board, I hope that it
will wireless, but it is always X10.LIB error message appeared on the screen
during the code is in compiling. I checked to X10.LIB that code has been
encrypted, so I can’t to modify anything like code, I don’t know whether anyone can
help us ? or delivery of code with no encrypted version.