xb24cz7pis-004 - loss of data.

Hello. Excuse for my English.
I have 3 xb24cz7pis-004-revE modules. The following configuration is necessary:

  • Data transmission in real time.
  • 1 module - the coordinator, 2 and 3 - end devices. I use XCTU ver.5286. Firmware modem ver. 4055, 4043.
    Modem configuration:
  • coordinator: ID, CE-1, DL-FFFF.
  • end device: ID.
    Data transmission the coordinator - the end device occurs to pauses approximately 5-10 seconds, 90 % of data are wasted during a pause. The pass-band suited - is minimum, that is, it is not associated with buffering.
    I changed values of the RO-0 parameter for transfer in real time - without results. As changed the NH parameter - too without results.
    Please, tell in what my mistake and what should be misconfiguration modems to transmit real-time without pauses and data loss. Thanks.

Try using the router option over a Sleeping End Device option.