XBee 3 : How many nodes and routers


I need to implement a network with 250 XBee3.
Surface was 450 meters by 300 meters.
One Coordinator, i think about 30-40 routers and other as nodes.
Small serial traffic, Coordinator is in API mode, routers and nodes are in transparent mode.

With your experience, is it possible ?

I planned to to use Many To One routing.
Do i need to setup it in each XBee3 ?
Setting AR to x minutes on coordinator only or on each XBee ?

I don’t understand really the source routing mode.
Source routing must be necessary ?
If yes, do i have to store routing message on each node or only on coordinator ?

Thanks a lot for your help.
Regards, Philippe.

If you are going to have only 30 to 40 nodes in total, then you do not need to use source routing (AR). The routing table on the XBee 3 is more than sufficient.

If you insist in using AR, then only issue AR once with a 0 value from the Coordinator or central collector. You would only then send out the AR command when you are having issues with links breaking.

Thanks for your answer.

If i understand, if all XBee are routers, there is no need to use AR. Correct ?

Because, all points are sector powered and I’ll try to set all as router.
Actually i see 190 of 230 with correct response time.


Sorry I misunderstood how many modules are in this network.

Which direction is the data flowing? If it is only going from the routers to the Coordinator, then you still do not need to use AR at all. If the data is flowing in both directions, then yes AR should be sent once from the Coordinator.