xbee antenna orientation

please bear with me. I’m new to arduino and am stepping up and into xbee for a specific purpose. I want to use (1) one xbee module as a beacon, and (2) use a second xbee to track the location of the xbee beacon. I plan to do this by measuring the RSSI. So I have a question about the antennas. For the beacon Xbee I would like to emit a robust 360 degree even signal. For the tracking XBEE I believe I want an antenna that is more directional in nature. thus if it were say pointing at the beacon it would pick it up, but perhaps turned at a slight angle away from the beacon to cause the RSSI signal to be less robust. I plan to turn one of the xbees on a stepper motor like a radar. So I ask how do I go about evaluating the antennas available and are there antennas that could be linked to one of the xbees but not part of the xbee.

Yagii and Patch panel antennas with higher gains are considered directional antennas. The higher the gain, the tighter the angle they can hear in.

You will want to look in the back of the manuals to see what antenna gains and required loss are allowed.