Xbee API frame compaitibility between Xbee 900 and Xbee 802.15.4

Hey I am trying to develop a system which allows the user to easily swap Pro S3B Xbee with Pro S2C modules(with 802.15.4 firmware) without altering the program at all or very little. To get there I am using API frames.

I was able to get 2 Pro S3B communicating with API frames 0x10(TX request) by setting the last 2 bytes to FF FF for broadcast mode (through XCTU).

Using XCTU I tried sending the same 0x10 frame from one S2C module to another without success. However I was able to send 0x00(Tx request with 64 bit address). I think my configuration settings on the modules is off but before I dig into them more I want to know:

Can S2C modules accept 0x10 frames? What configuration settings should I change on the S2C to make this work?

Hardware family number(read from the bottom of the xbees)