XBee data limits and/or buffer problems?

Hi everyone,

I am trying to work on projects involving an arduino and XBee (series 2) hardware.

However, I am having huge problems when sending data. If I send data between the devices that is very succint and long time intervals beween communication is fine, however when I send a lot of data over a short interval the XBees’ seem to either lag horrendously, freeze or just fail to respond indefinately.

Over USB/serial connections data sends fine but as soon as its wirelessly Xbee to Xbee it hangs, freezes and jams.

Is this possibly a problem with my setup or the RX buffer?

I was wondering if it was possibly to do with using AT mode. Is API and structuring my own frames a better way to go?

  • Would it help to increase the RX buffer size, and how would I do that?
  • Do I need to run the xbees in API mode in order to optimize the data throughput?
  • Why is the connections jammed if i send to much data? Isn’t there any check to prevent overload freezing on the xbee / arduino and just drop additional data or instead?

For example a sample project I was building was a light controller. I have a smart LED attached to my arduino (and an Xbee in place on a shield) and then send data from my iPod using touchOSC to my Laptop, which then sends it out using an XBee to the XBee seated in the arduino shield. If I send light data around once every second it is fine and everything respons quickly and very smoothly. If I change the light settings quicker than that it will lag or if I change it very quickly, totally freeze up for seconds or even longer.