XBee Difference

I’m trying to figure out what is the difference between XBP24BZ7UIT-004 and XBP24-Z7UIT-004 Xbee Pro modules? Both models are available for purchase in the Digi Online Store.

Could not find anything in the kb and the manual seems to be generalized towards all models.

E-mail sent to Product Information two weeks ago but still waiting for a reply.

Hi Rotciv,
The XBP24BZ7UIT-004 (S2B) is a newer version than XBP24-Z7UIT-004.

it’s (S2B) new lower-power and performance-enhanced XBee-PRO ZB module; it is designated as S2B hardware.

The existing XBee-PRO ZB (S2 hardware) is still available but will be discontinued in 1-2 years. The new S2B hardware is better and less expensive.

It’s a new programmable version of the XBee-PRO ZB. It features an onboard host microcontroller, MC9S08QE32CFT from Freescale.

Freescale’s CodeWarrior development tools can be used to program the Freescale micro. The Ember EM250 ZigBee chip remains non-programmable and runs the standard digi API firmware and runs the ZigBee network.