XBee Digimesh Sniffer

Is there a way to put a XBee Pro 900HP module into a sniffer or promiscuous mode?

Or, are TX Status messages (showing success) a guarantee that a message has been transmitted and received?

Occasionally my network shows a successful Tx Status message, but the receiving destination node does not output an RX indicator.

No there is no sniffer mode at this time. What it sounds like is a corrupt packet being received. To address it, try implementing application level ACK’s.

Thanks mvut, that’s what I expected.

I already implement ACK’s and retries at the application level, so messages get through eventually, but would be nice to know where the issue is.

unfortunately, the ACK system in the API was only designed to indicate that a packet was received,. Not received and found to be valid and issued out the UART.