xbee doesn't communicate without manual reset

I am using XBee S2C modules.

The coordinator is connected to a Raspberry Pi (using python xBee library). The router is connected to TI (using Arduino xBee library). They are in point-to-point communication mode.

Problem is - everytime I power them on, the router xBee needs to be manually reset with the reset button. Otherwise the router xBee doesn’t communicate.

Am I missing any XCTU setting? Or anything else?

What firmware versions are you working with on your S2C modules?

How are you connecting the 3V XBee to the Raspbery Pi?

Product Family: XB24C
Function Set: ZIGBEE TH Reg
Firmware: 4059

The xBee is connected to the Raspberry Pi through USB port.

How are you connecting the XBee to a USB port?

I have the DiGi development board ( xBee grove dev board) and the xBee sits on it. The development board has usb port where you can connect to.

Could it be that the router is not associated with the coordinator? Check the AI value to determine that.

I have the same problem… Did you find a solution?