XBee issue when TCP Retransmission (packet lost) because 2100 octets (2083) in Xbee buffer maximum


I have an issue with the XBee Wifi.
When I send a flow of data permanently, I have sometimes a TCP Retransmission.
When I have a Fast TCP Retransmission all data are transmitted.

But, when I have a TCP Retransmission, I loose packets of data my microcontroller send data and the 2100 octets (2083) of Xbee buffer are full.

I have that because a TCP Retransmission last about 1 second (and I fill all the buffer of XBee).
Someone have an idea to manage this issue ?


Try using Hardware Flow control between the XBee module and your processor. It will allow you to keep from loosing data and allow the radio to finish sending the data that is on the UART and in the buffers before any more data is sent to the radio.