XBee Pro hardware and firmware revisions

We have developed a measurement device using an XBee Pro module (XBP24CZ7SITB003).
When we order XBee modules, we get modules with different hardware revisions (A, C, D, E, F) and/or different software revisions.

  1. What is the difference of these hardware revisions, and is there a changelog available for the software revision ?

We have developed our application firmware with ONE hardware revision, and obviously ONE software revision. After that the revisions have changed.

  1. Do we need to fully test out software (especially sleep-current) whenever a new software/hardware revision is delivered ? (We can not influence the revision we get).

  2. Is it ok to downgrade the software of the new modules to a (from us) tested release, to avoid the need to fully test the new revision ?

kind regards,
Bernd Kohlmaier

This is something you really need to talk to your Digi Sales contact about.

We will do that - but this does not answer my questions, what to do when we get different hardware/software releases. I assume, the sales account can not answer such a technical question.

We talked to digikey.com (our distributor) and they played the ball back to digi:

Their answer (in short) was:

"I cannot help much further, … they should fully test out their software whenever a new software/hardware revision is announced. I think that there is no way to influence the revision they order as we cannot track the software when it is not mentioned on the paperwork from Digi International … "
And regarding to downgrade the software: “then they need to take care of this preventive action on their own.”

Well, this is not exactly the answer i was hoping for :wink:
But, how should they answer these questions ? they are distributor, not manufacturer.

Product Revision History is not something that would be addressed in a Support forum. That is something that would be addressed in a Support Case or with your Account manager directly.

Support Forums such as this are Customer Helping Customer.