Xbee Pro S2B Wiring to USB

Hi, I am very new to Xbee and have limited knowledge so please excuse my ignorance. I have two xbee pro s2b’s and one explorer to usb as well as another explorer which has pin spacing for a bread board as well as regulating 5v down to 3.3v. both xbee’s work fine on the usb explorer but I need to wire the other explorer to USB to test its application as eventually it will need to be connected to ethernet output from an ECU. When I put 5v+ and gnd on the explorer is powers up the xbee but when i wire D+ and D- from the usb cable into the D+ and D- on the explorer the computer does not recognize the xbee. The explorer regulated the D+ and D- down to 3.3v also but I still cannot work out why it is not registering?

Can someone help me with this?



This is something you really need to talk to Spark Fun about as they are the ones that created the boards you are working with. Best guess is that the regulator board only regulates the power and not the data lines as well.