XBee PRO XSC, AT Command Set, Errors?

Hoping the XBee Xperts on here might shed some light on what I am seeing. I am verifying the AT command set with the XBee PRO XSC, and I am using the X-CTU application to test. The XBee’s respond properly to many of the AT Commands, but reply with ERROR on many other - critial - commands. A few notable examples:

ATCT, DB, ID, RE, RN, RO, RP, SH, SL, ST and VR all respond properly with either an OK or the current value set for that command. The following all yield ERROR when the command is issued: ATDH, DL, GT, MY, ND, PO, SP.

The most important item for my application, ATND, is what I need running most. At the very least I want to be sure that ATND IS a valid command for the Series 1 PRO XSCs… and then to determine why it errors on that command.

Thanks very much for your assistance, it is, as always, truly appreciated.

Dave X

Revised post… Apparently I had the wrong command set. SO now the question becomes - is there a way to perform the function of ATND, but using the XBee PRO XSC, which only has DT & MK for addressing? I do not see anything that would immediately suggest a node detection function…

Thanks for any info!


Just talked to support the other day and confirmed that the XSC is only point-to-point transmission - which in essence means that it can only see other XSC modems with same Destination Address (DT) and Module VID (ID)

No such things as Nodes with the XSC.

Thanks for the info. I had already gone ahead and revised my data packets, and added a 4 position dip switch to the microcontroller to determine and call by address. Uses more hardware than I wanted, but it does the trick.

Thanks again,