xbee pro xsc large network

Hi to all,
I want to know if someone implemented a large network using this xbee (over 100 nodes). What precaution do I have to take?
Is possible?


Hi Gaston,

Yes. Other companies have done it. Precautions will depend on version you have (series 1 or 2 - 802.15.4 or ZB firmwares, etc.).

In general however you need to make sure that you’re not flooding your network. It’s good to have an idea how much data the nodes will send at a time and how often.

When using series 2 nodes (ZB firmware), you’ll want to enable source routing. That will make the biggest difference on reducing trouble.

Usually there is an upper limit to the number of nodes you can put in a network and still have it be stable. I’ve heard of customer having 300+ nodes before but that was with some very deliberate planning regarding traffic and settings.

good luck!