XBee receiving unwanted frames on wake

I have 2 XBee series 1 modules. One connected to a PC and the other to an Arduino.

So that I can program the Arduino remotely, I have configured the XBees with these AT commands

Transmitter (PC)

Receiver (Arduino)

I am succesfully able to upload sketches to the Arduino remotely.

I then tried setting ATSM1 on the Xbee connected to the Arduino so I can put the XBee to sleep
when not in use and save power. This works successfully, but when waking up it sends these characters (hex dump)

7e 00 0a 83 00 01 2c 00 01 00 08 00 08 3e

This appears to be an API frame, but I haven’t enabled API mode anywhere.

I notice that if I set D3 to the default (0) on the XBee, I will not get these unwanted characters on wake,
but then I am no longer able to program the Arduino remotely.

This frame according the XCTU Frame Inspector seems to be the RSSI, if I’m not mistaken.

Is there a way to disable these frames from being sent without breaking the ability to remotely program
the Arduino?

The type 83 frame that you are receiving is a 16 bit Rx ADC/DIO frame. Try enabling SO option byte 2.

0x02-Suppresses sending ADC/DIO samples when waking from cyclic sleep. All other option bits should be set to 0.