Xbee response in wrong order

Hi all,

To first sketch the situation:
I have 2 loggers that I have connected to 2 xbee modules trough an RS232 adapter.
Then I have a small pc with a USB to XBee adapter running node-red.

Because the loggers are polled with a command without ID, I set the master xbee in API mode so I can send the request to a specific xbee.

When I receive the response it is chopped up in messages of 73 bytes. Not a problem because I can join them together. But sometimes some parts of the message are received out of order. Then I can not join them correctly and my data is incorrect.

I do not see any message index number in the payload so I can not know what message was before the other.

Is there a way to solve this?

Or does this have more to do with the node-red integration than xbee?

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards.

This would be more in your Code Red than on the XBee. You would need to include a packet number in the Payload which is not something that the XBee can do.