Xbee S1 AT Vs API for local commands

Hi xbee community,

I essentially want to use some Xbee S1s in transparent mode, while occasionally sending a buffer of AT commands to each one through and arduino and Serial/UART. I’m pretty sure I could use the AT mode for that, as no remote ATs are needed. My only problem is the 1-2s delay it takes to get them in and out of command mode.

Is there a way through API mode to switch to transparent mode and back quickly? So I have a better availability? Thank you.

There is a few ways you can do this. First, you could simply just use API mode completely (Local AT command frame), or you could reduce the GT command to your desired rate. Just remember that the lowest you can set it is 3 character times of silence on the UART as you need to be able to send the +++ within the guard time.

Sounds like API mode for local AT commands will work better for me. One question though, how do I get the Xbee’s response? Let’s say I’m sending an API frame through serial, 7E 00 04 08 01 45 44 6D. This should run ED on the Xbee. If I run it in AT-mode, I’ll get a list of energy levels/noise on each channel. How do I get that list back through serial? You may assume only a single Xbee connected to a computer, running in API mode.

That is nothing more than reading the serial port and reading out the API response frame.