XBEE S1 red led stays on

I have two XBEE S1s each plugged into a XBEE Adapater. Let’s call them XBEE A and B. I have had these running perfectly for several days as I assembled all the components of the whole system - voice recognition, keypad etc. This has all been in bread board mode. Today I modified the wiring for the XBEE A part of the system to simplify it for inclusion into a hand held remote. When I finished the re-wiring and powered on, the red led on A comes on and stays on. B seems to behave as expected. When I trigger a transaction through A, I see B flash its red led as usual but the data isn’t really transmitted. I’m using LCD displays in both parts of the system so I can see what’s going on. I suspect I’ve done something to cause this but cannot figure it out. I connected it to XCTU and it’s parameters appeared to be what I would expect. I tried re-setting XBEE A by shorting the RST pin to GND on the adapter but that did not change anything. I would very much appreciate any help in getting A back to normal.

I think you need to tell us more on what your configuration is and what the Red led is suppose to be connected to.