Xbee S2 and Xbee Pro device battery supply configuration

Thanks for the reply,
I am working on Handheld device for measuring and logging data in which we have logging interval. interval settable form 1 min to 255 min, in such situation won’t be able to use solar power solution i need my project to be run on batteries. which should last for at least 6 month in case of Xbee s2 series module. should i use regulator for input voltage from battery and outbut of 2.8Vdc will it work for me to the end of battery capacity?

I would use a voltage regulator as fresh batteries can exceed the radios VCC limits.

Hi Sanjaysutar,
I am also working on project for lawn maintainance. I also need to run the Xbee S2 for about 6 months. Would you please guide me to achieve the same. How is your approach. Please give some inputs.