XBee S2 stops sending after it receives a packet

I have a two xbee network. First one is connected to a BeagleBone Black and second one is connected to my PC.

BBB is sending sensor values to PC regularly, 10 times a second etc. But when i send a command to BBB from my PC, BBB stops sending messages.

BBB can send or receive successfully (seperately). Error occurs only after receive. And even after error occurs, BBB can still receive. It just can’t send.

After error occurs, when i restart the BBB program, problem is solved. But if i restart PC program problem continues. Therefore problem is on BBB.

I checked everything but couldn’t find the problem. NOTE:XBees work on API Mode.

Sounds like it is a code issue in your BBB device.

I am afraid you are right. I just connected two seperate xbees to BBB from same UART. Error continued. Probably, problem is the library i used for UART.