XBee S2C Bidirectional Communication in API


We want to be able to send data/parameters and receive them at both ends. Our setup has two S2C Xbees in API 2 mode connected to their respective Arduino mini’s. (they are both configured as routers; we are using Digimesh)

We are not sure how to generate frames solely with code, broadcast the frames and also receive them and be able to use the data transmitted in the code. To extract the pure data/message from the frame.

read two analog datas from one xbee and send it to another which plays a tone for the length of the analog value received.

Achievements so far:
we know they are communicating bc the Dout and Din leds blink on the xbee explorer as transmission occurs.

Anything will be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance

This is something that you really need to obtain from an Arduino site. Such as https://learn.adafruit.com/xbee-radios/arduino-link?gclid=Cj0KEQjwnPLKBRC-j7nt1b7OlZwBEiQAv8lMLJxfX0BLngjAnr9mDXx-qPU9M2hlEosH9C9eE3hwuUkaAldz8P8HAQ

or https://www.faludi.com/itp_coursework/meshnetworking/XBee/XBee_program_Arduino_wireless.html

Thank you. But do you know if such a thing is possible with the xbees and whether frames can be both sent and received in api mode?

Sure you can both send and receive while in API mode. That is why the different API frames exists. As for the other functions. that is dependent on what you want to do what function. That is the XBee has analog inputs, so does the arduino. So which device does the initial ADC conversion is up to you. As for the output, that would need to occur on your Arduino as the XBee does not have a D to A converter.