XBee S6B unattended switch to data mode when receiving RF frame

Hello, I have an XBee S6B that is initialized at startup with some AT Commands.

This works fine until at initalization time it found RF data. In this case, it seems to be impossibile to finish my initialization sequence if at the same time there is RF data incoming (that obviously i don’t care at initialization time).

In other words, the Command Mode Timeout is set to default (10s), but after entering to command mode, if it receive some RF packet while I am giving some AT command (less than a quarter of second), it back unattendly to data mode, so from this moment any further command are lost and I need to re-enter again to command mode. Sometimes it is not sufficient and i need to hard-reset the module.

There is a way to avoid command mode switch to data mode if a RF packet is received?

Am I doing something wrong?

Could it be that you received the RF traffic before you finished entering command mode? remember that UART by default must be silence for 1 second, followed by +++ sent within 1 second followed by 1 second of silence.

we enter in command mode locally on the uart respecting the time guard of one second before and after +++ characters, that are serialized without delays.
Our application is designed in a way that the S6B module receive data continuously (twice per second), so it could happen that at configuration time of the module via local AT commands on the uart, remote data could arrive via RF at any time, also during the local command mode sequence and/or during any moment of local command mode configuration.
Should the module works well in this condition? I mean: is the module able to keep local uart command mode status (within the Command Mode Timeout) also if it can receive RF packets at ANY time?

While the radio is In COMMAND Mode, it is not able to receive RF traffic or do anything with it. But if you receive data while Entering command mode, it will pass that data out the UART.