XBee Source CTS is low without radio link to Destination


in my actual application with XBee I need to check,
that the radio link between the source and destination
modules is established, before some data frames can be send.

The CTS signal of the source module is even low, even
when the destination module is not able to receive Data.

The RSSI Pin is only driven after a Frame was send, but
I need an secure indicator for a valid radio link before sending any frames.

I can not use the API Support, because the link protocol
is fixed and can not be changed. I need the XBee-Modems
as a cable-replacement.

Is there a configuration possible for the XBee which
offers a continuous radio link status without sending
any frames?



The /CTS line is used to show the receive availability status of the UART and cannot be used for any over the air verification of the receiver module.

Unfortunately their is no method for determining the availability of communication before that communication takes place. Even then the only way to know that the data was sent AND received is through the API Tx_Status frames generated from the API enabled transmitter.