XBee SX RF Modem pin mapping ?


I’m a bit confused on the pin layout for the RS232/485 variant of the XBee SX 900 Mhz Modem (XM-X9-3P-U). The pin diagram on Page 11 of the User Guide (https://www.digi.com/resources/documentation/digidocs/pdfs/90001517.pdf) defines signals for pins “1” through “8” on the RJ-45 connector.

I’m confused as to which pins these correspond to in the XCTU Configuration Utility, which allows configuration for D0-D9 and P0-P9. Neither of these ports seem to correspond with the mapping shown on Page 11 of the User Guide.

Also, is there any way to disable flow control? I have an RS232 device which only has RX/TX pins and no CTS/RTS.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.