XBee3 and Arduino

Hi, how do I send frames over to XBee with Arduino? I find that I can only do that with XBee.write(frame, sizeof(frame)) and not XBee.write(0x7E) … I am trying to send many packets over and have the correct checksum for each frame, just not sent together. I cannot possibly type out every frame array and using the XBee.write. Why does it only work when I use XBee.write(frame, sizeof(frame))?
Also, is there a library for XBee3 Series? As the arduino-xbee library on github is meant for Series 1 and 2. The only relevant info I found was a YouTube video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AemzSO5EDy0&ab_channel=GregCompton

I would suggest looking at the various 3rd party library files that exists for this.

Hi, 3rd party library files meaning the SoftwareSerial Library?