Xbee3 BLE support

So I purchased the Xbee3 PRO Zigbee once I heard the news in my email about BLE support being announced and released, so I got the latest firmware and flashed it. it now shows BLE support.

But that’s where the problems begin, at least for me.

The user manual is vague at best, and there are no example drivers/libraries/code bases out there for this module. I know this is fairly new so I will give it the benefit of the doubt.

I bought this for the range. I would like to be able to communicate and send data from my Android and IOS device to the xBee and out the serial port over BLE. There is no step by step on how to do this. There is this special “unlock” command in which my opinion is overcomplicated for what this thing is. Sure I could certainly understand the SSL style encryption requirement for configuring the device.

But I do NOT want to configure the device. I simply want to send “data” as in transparent style data to the writable class/service IDs and it pop out the UART on the other end and vice versa. When data is sent to the UART on the xbee, it comes up on the readable class/service ID. There are a dozen BLE modules out there that do this already but none of them have the range this one does which is why I bought it.

Thats the way I thought it would operate, but its not.

I am looking for sort of shoe-in replacement to the SPP setup of the older classic bluetooth because iOS does not support that profile.

But nope, the only thing I can find is some weird unlock packet which is way overcomplicated and contains no example code or even the N keys in Java (which is the language I need). your Java xBee library on your github doesnt even have it!

We need another type of command, or even a new operating mode that allows transparent BLE to UART data passthrough. Even something simple as a packet or frame sent that is a simple SHA512 or SHA256 of the password only to enable transparent mode BLE <-> UART. just like anything else!

So how do I do that? Thanks!


Hi! I just tried the same thing. I could not find any documentation about how to transmit “user data”. Is there any information about that online?

Nope. I got tired of waiting, Switched to BT832XE with my own firmware mods and it supports up to 20dB of output power. I just tossed these in the trash. Maybe next time.