XBee3 in OTL Passing Mode - XCTU Question Mark Symbol

Both XBee3’s are CFG with Firmware v 2003 (Yes I know there are newer versions)

When cfg’d for OTL Relay Mode (API w Escapes - Though this supposedly isn’t necessary) I do not see changes on the receiver (Coordinator) when the input on D1 on the End Device is changed.

In XCTU Network Mode - The End device doesn’t appear with the “E”, instead it has a question mark next to it and the color of the icon/signal strength is grey for unknown. Why is this/What did I set wrong?

Both XBees are on the same PAN ID and Channel.
The MY parameter on the Coordinator is 5678
The MY parameter on the End Device is 1234
The DH for BOTH is 0
The DL for the Coordinator is 1234
The DL for the End device is 5678
The IA on the Coordinator is set to 1234. The mapped pin (D1) is set as an Output - Low.
Bitmap for input on the End Device is Hexadecimal 2 and D1 channels are set for input.
The IR for the End Device is set for 200ms.

I have a feeling the reason I am not seeing anything has to do with a network cfg error, not electrical connections (due to the yellow question mark icon in XCTU Networking Mode)


Network mode is more for Zigbee and Digi Mesh than for 802.15.4.

It is giving you Errors because it does not understand what is being reported by the module as they are running a different protocol.

I switched to the DigiMesh protocol over the weekend and the units are working fine passing.

One quick follow on if you don’t mind. The Associate Indicator doesn’t seem to change regardless if I only turn on one XBee or have both on and communicating.

Is this indicator more a status of the XBee itself rather than an actual “synch’d/linked” to a network indicator?

Thank You for the solution to the OTL question!

Yes when using Digi Mesh, it is more of a status of the module instead of the network.