XBee3-Zigbee, How to transmit large bulk of data fast

Hey all,

My goal is to send a large bulk of data (more than 90000 raw bytes) obtained from serial via Zigbee to another XBee3. Ideally I would like to achieve this in let’s say 30sec max or less.
For that reason, I have embedded my data in API Frames (thus the total number of bytes to transmit increases) and then send them through serial to the XBee so that they are transmitted.

In order to succeed, I need to trade off between time interval (between the transmission of the api frames) and the size of the packets to be transmitted. Of course, there is a limitation (255 bytes if no encryption etc) in the max number of payload-bytes to be added in the api frame.

So, my question is if there are any settings or way in general that can allow me to increase the speed of transmission without losing any data. (For example, I have noticed that sending API Frames of 250 payload-bytes with a time interval of (even) 100ms leads to receiving much less packets)

Ps: The reason I am using API Frames, is because it seems as the only way to make sure that all bytes are being received. Otherwise, Transparent mode could be much faster…but with the collateral damage of not ensuring the transmission of all data. Is that right and if so, can that be prevented?

Thanks in advance!!

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This is a great question, and I’m looking forward to any useful answers detailing how to optimize speed with guaranteed data reliability when sending multiple packets of data.