XBP24-AUI-001 development Kit... micro switches

Hi All
I recently bought the above development kit & sucessfully used the range test in the quick start guide.
I am now reading the documentation in more detail. However, I see there are a series of micro switches on both the USB and RS232 boards, but I can find no reference to them in the documantation. Can anyone advise me about their function?

Thank you
Chris Johnson

The interface board schematics will probably tell you the most about the switch connections. Most of them are simply connected to the IO lines (which are not enabled by default). There is also one connected to the reset line as well. The interface board [XBIB-(RA/UA)-DEV] schematics can be downloaded here:


I checked the schematics and found: (correct me if wrong)
SW1 = DIO0
SW2 = DIO1
SW3 = DIO2
SW4 = DIO3
LED1 = DI8 (which is listed as a digital input only with the latest software). ??
LED2 = PWM1 (PWM output)

Trying to use two of the boards together appears to be impossible. The docs say that inputs/outputs have to be PAIRED. ie. DI1 board 1 = DO1 board 2.

Since they are prewired the same, no pairing can be done. ie. setting SW1 (DI1) to LED4 (DO5).

Am I right to conclude there is no way to use two of the boards ‘stand-alone’ (without a PC) to do simple ‘flip a switch’, ‘control a light’?

If so, I’m digging into the API stuff & Visual Basic to use one board as a base station and several remotes to do some interesting I/O applications.

Any help/hints appreciated!

Bo Barry