Zigbee Service permanet connects to this IP: : 9000 (lenovo Beacon) What is going on ?

I examined the issue with the strange network service.

If found it out, with this little comand:

netstat -natp

That the buggy service which is quit communication friendly is “ZigBee”.

Quit stunning that my wlan card needs a permanet connection to an Chines server !

If you kill that service suddenly the permanent access to both HDDS stopps, kind of magic !

I googled it what zigbee actually can, in the data sheet they clam that it has build in remote maintenance future, but is it badly configured or what?

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I am not sure where you are getting your data but netstat -natp displays active TCP connections.

See Microsoft Technet : https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb490947.aspx

My Problem is that my Nas has a Process/Servic called “zigbee”
This service or process must be related to the Wlan card(zigbee) i wonder why my wlan card needs a permanent connection to a fix ip adresse.
Has zigbee a special remote maintenance service, that require this kind of permanent connection ?

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The Term Zigbee is actually a Standard and not a product. What exact Zigbee Enabled device are you referring to? None of Digi’s Zigbee enabled devices offer or require any sort of Process or Service that is required for the module to operate. So I am not sure where you are getting that from.

My IDS later IPS blocked my beacon (Its an NAS from Lenovo) to an any outbound connections. I checked it why my IPS kicked in and found out that a connection is enstablished every 15 seconds to this ip 9000
I found out per SSH connect to the Nas at the shell, that the process Zigbee is that one which, behaves so awkward.
At the user manual there is mentioned that the beacon has a ultra low volatge wlan device called zigbee. So i thought ok its my wlan card, i didnt need it so every boot up i have to kill that special process.

My investigation goes deeper, i found out that the beacon uses a branded version of thecus OS.6, they altered it because its missing a bunch of features.

I confronted lenovo at the forum why there is this process which act strange i didnt get any respons noting, nobody cars - 100% crapy support

I want to know what this “service” is and why it needs a permanent connection to an chines server
(I didnt config any of the lenovo ID services what so every or logged in it [ID stuff] )

I am sorry but this is not something that Digi can assist you with. You need to go back to the manufacture of the board for help in that area.