Zigbee Wall Routers and Encryption

Can the Zigbee Wall Router be used on an encrypted Zigbee network?

If I start up a non-encrypted network, I can plug in the Wall Router and it will appear in X-CTU in the graphical network display. I can manage it remotely from X-CTU. It participates in the network.

From X-CTU, I am able to remotely change the settings on the Wall router, including setting a key and enabling encryption, upon which it leaves the plaintext network.

However if I start the encrypted network, the Wall Router only appears VERY briefly in the network display but then disappears. If I attempt to click on it it says “Not Connected to the Network”.

Is what I am attempting even possible? To use a Zigbee Wall Router to strengthen an Encrypted Zigbee Network?

(sidebar, if I cut this thing open, is there a socketed XBee Pro S2 inside that I can reprogram?)

Yes there is an XBee ZB module found inside of the wall router. But cutting it open will both void the warranty as well as the UL certification.

Yes, you can program it over the air and enable these functions. Just make sure that you write the settings to memory and you enable the proper encryption settings. Not doing so will cause the module to attempt to join and then be rejected.

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Thank you for your advice.

May I ask, what is the proper order to program the Wall Router for Encryption, using X-CTU?

What I have been doing with X-CTU is remotely setting the key with KY, and writing that setting.

Then I enable encryption, and as soon as I click “write” this setting with X-CTU, the Wall Router ceases to respond. This would make some sense as the network is unencrypted and I’ve enabled encryption so it would leave the network.

However when I then switch to encryption with my coordinator and go looking for the Wall Router again, it only appears briefly in the network graph and cannot be communicated with.

You are programming it in the correct order. Just not with the correct EO option bits with respect to your coordinators EO option bits. Try doing it this time with the EO set to 0.

I can confirm now that this does work, thank you.

I remotely set the key, set EO to 0x1, and then enable encryption.

The Wall Router drops out of the network, sometimes even giving an error for not responding to the writing of EE. But then it appears and participates in the encrypted network.

Thank you.