10 minute socket timeout?

I am getting a 10 minute (actually 9:59) timeout on a socket connection. Is this something built into NetOS or some other issue? Has anyone seen this before?

I do not get this on listening sockets, only active sockets.


Do you mean on a connect or just trying to send data after the connection has already been established?

If a connect, it sounds long, and I’d look at modifying the retransmission timeouts socket options for that socket.

If when sending data, it also sounds long, I’d look at keep alives and retransmission timeout socket options.

After a connect, while sending data, it arbitrarily disconnects and reconnects every 9:59 minutes.

What is interesting after some testing is that it does it over the local LAN, but not when connected to a internet WAN.

Any ideas?

Maybe it’s tied to a DHCP lease that is expiring? Normally the way DHCP works is renew half way through, but if the DHCP server doesn’t respond until the Connect ME has lost it’s IP and is trying to get a new DHCP lease from anyone (versus renewing), that might cause the problem.

Otherwise do you have a wireshark network trace of the problem? It might reveal some addtional clues…

No DHCP. I will look up wireshark.