100Mb DMA Ethernet with RCM6700


I have a Dynamic C 10.72 program that is used on a PCB that hosts a RCM6700. The program is used to allow a PC software to establish an Ethernet connection with the RCM6700 using DHCP or static IP address for the RCM6700. The RCM6700 waits until a connection is established by the PC software and the program uses sock_bytesready(), sock_put() and tcp_tick() to read, write and keep the socket alive.

At this point I would like to use DMAETH100.lib in order to control the Ethernet communication via DMA and at 100 Mb. The functions is the library seem to control the Ethernet hardware in the R6K. Can anyone help me understand how the socket is related to the low level routines in dmaeth100.lib? Any documentation, sample code is very welcome.


DMAETH100.LIB is one of the support libraries for the network libraries. When using any of the TCP/IP function calls, you’re ultimately using DMAETH100.LIB on the hardware it was designed for.

Think of it like the Ethernet drivers for the Ethernet chip in your PC. Your program doesn’t access it directly, it uses higher level APIs.

Please let me know if I haven’t understood your question correctly.