Can i program a RCM6700 on RCM5700 interface board?

I am trying to port some code from a RCM5750 to a RCM6750 rabbit module but for some odd reason i am not getting the same functionality. The code complies correctly but the TCP/IP link light stays active at all times. I am thinking it may be the interface board. Are they backwards compatible?

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Not sure what version of Dynamic C 10.72 you are using but I suggest you download the latest code from github. Zip file can be found at the below link as there was a fix done for the ethernet interface.

No, they are not backwards compatible. There are some differences in the Rabbit 6000-based MiniCore modules and you need to use an updated development board:

This PDF describes some physical changes between the RCM67xx and RCM57xx boards.

I don’t know specifically what hardware updates are necessary for existing customer-designed baseboards to work with the RCM67xx. If you need that information, I recommend contacting Digi Technical Support.