is rabbit 2000 code compitble to rabbit 6000?

My program is written for rabbit 2000. How easy to migrate it to Rabbit 6000?

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No the RCM2000 uses Dynamic C 9.62 or earlier. For the RCM67xx or RCM66xx you will need to use Dynamic C 10.72D which is the latest on Digi’s website:

It depends on how large your program is, and how much it made use of the hardware. You’ll probably need to update pin assignments in your hardware, and update to Dynamic C 10.72 which adds some new features:

  • support for “far” (32-bit) pointers
  • “const correctness” in function declarations
  • support for ANSI C90 features and a more-complete Standard C Library

You might want to review section 2.2 of the User Guide ( and make note of the additional ANSI C features.

And section 2.3 discusses some of the other changes from Dynamic C 9.