Programming an RCM6700

Is something different in the way the RCM6700 is programmed via a
serial port than with the RCM3000 series? Because it looks to me like
they are both programmed the same way. They both use the RS232 Rx, Tx, DTR, and DSR signals.
But when I connect the RCM6700 the same way I’ve connected the
RCM3000 for the last 10-years, and try to program it, it always fails. If I
put the RCM6700 on the dev kit board, and use the mini-USB interface
it programs fine.
In the RFU, I’ve tried with “Enable Processor verification” enabled and
disable. And I’ve tried with “Use USB Serial Converter” enabled and
disabled. It makes no difference.
I’ve looked around on the Digi website for an AppNote or other
information about programming the module, and haven’t found anything.

I know the serial port is wired correctly because I use the serial port to
communicate with the module just fine.

So, to repeat myself, is there something different with the RCM6700
that I’m not aware of? Or is there a paper on programming that I can


Curious if you figured this out? I am seeing the same issue.


Rabbit Semiconductor RCM6700 Series High Performance Embedded Device Servers are the newest MiniCore® modules featuring an easily scalable cloud-computing infrastructure, extending remote device control and management with tremendous savings in development cost. The ultra-compact Rabbit Semiconductor MiniCore RCM6700 provides 6 serial ports, configurable I/O, and control features such as PWM. The RCM6700 Series provides 5 times the data throughput of the RCM5700. [:p]

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Hello Steve,

I think there is a problem on your custom board.
Take a look into the RCM6700 development board schematics from the DIGI’s web site,

If you want to know program loading overview on the Rabbit modules, take a look into the section ,
4.2 Program Loading Process Overview from this link below

And also look at the TN258 from this link below

I think it will help you.