Using Serial Port A in regular operation on the RCM6700?

I’m attempting to configure the RCM 6000’s programming port (TX/RX PC6, PC7) for use as a regular serial port. I am using the serial port in the same manner I use all my other serial ports, following the same process for initialization, reading and writing and in fact already have my code working on the prototype board (using the C serial port in that case). However, moving the same code to the production board and using serial port A does not work. The board is in run mode so the bootloader should not be running in the background, are there any additional definitions needed to get Serial Port A to work as a normal serial port?

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Have you tried any simple sample programs? I was able to configure Samples\reset_demo.c to use serial port A and run it on the prototype board by removing the first jumper of JP1.

Make sure you aren’t defining STDIO_DEBUG_SERIAL in your project, since that might be locking up the serial port for printf() output.