(13) 1995 pk2120 rugged giant boards, for sale, with 2 lcds

Hi, my names is James. some of you may know my father. Anyways, he and I back 3-4 years ago were using the zworld products, mainly the rugged giant. I was going through mine and his old stuff and had come across these jewels, and thought that someone might could use them. I was just wondering if any of you would like to have them. They are all the same model, 2 are still sealed in there anti-static bags, 8 of them are working and 5 of them are not, and i have the two LCD displays. if you would like them please let me know and what sounds like a good price to you. I want em all gone they are taking up space that i need at this point. The money spent on them is already gone so just offer me something on them. and if it sounds good i can post a private ebay auction so that the processes easier. click HERE to see spec sheet, remember they are pk2120 boards.

Hi James

         Wonder what you would take fot pk2120 rugged

giant pakages?


Do you still have any rugged giant boards for sale?

I would take $40 for all that i listed above, thats what i would take right now. Plus shipping ofcourse shipping probibly around $16. You want it i list it for you. You got paypal and ebay account? Then say the word we will get started.

Yes just send me the info and we will get started. Jerry

I’m gonna be leavin for today. I’ll papal
you tomorrow. When I get the info.