Free DSUB9 to development board cable

Free, the cable that connects between the 9 pin serial port and a development board. It has a section covered in red heat shrink, if that helps identify the ‘vintage’ (yeah, like its some fine wine, eh?).

I developed some software on a “Rugged Giant” back in 1996, and later some rabbit semi boards in 2002, I think this is from the 2002. In any event, I no longer use it. I would offer the CD too but it looks like the development language is free now.

Anyway, first email I receive asking for it gets it. I will package it in a padded envelope - the price of shipping then is so low using that method I don’t care if I don’t get paid for it, I just hate to see something useful get thrown away. I assume that this forum is similar to other online forums in that other logged in users can get my email address.

I have no way of telling if it works still. As far as I remember, it worked the last time I used it.

By the way, as far as I know the software wrote in 1996 for the Rugged Giant is still being used to test power tools, although other people probably improved on it. It turned the tool on and off, measured tool current thru an analog input, and controlled a braking device thru an analog output, performing closed loop control. With a 40 msec update rate it handily beat anything that could be done on Win3.1 or Win95 because of the deterministic timing. I had to rewrite the the LCD and keypad software so that some parameters could be changed while the control loop was still running.

Kindly let me know when you will finish it

I no longer have the cable.