General Purpose Motherboard

Hey All,

I have been registered under another name on this site but would like to remain somewhat anonymous for this venture as of now. Myself and some others have developed a general purpose motherboard for rabbit4xxx series boards and are trying to get some input on it. I don�t want to list everything on it but it includes the following-

-3.3v, 5v regulated supplies
-backup battery
-temperature sensor
-7segment LED display
-low battery indicator/monitor
-8x GPIO
-8x 12-bit filtered ADC
-4 port indicators
-4x high current outputs
-5 48-pin expansion slots

We will be working on a basic stamp interface and then our daughterboard�s. I don�t have an exact price but we are thinking it is possible to produce them for under $125, and then have the option to take out things like the ADC to drop the price. We are trying to create a medium between small motherboards that can�t handle 5 peripheral cards and larger ones that use a micro computer, and also give BASIC stamp people a nice expandable system. All the onboard peripherals are I2C and have libraries written for the rabbit systems, so you aren�t bogging down pins and integration is simple. We would like to hear what you all have to say about something like this, and we will be getting in contact with Rabbit and the other companies once we have established our website. Thanks.

Prime Studios LLC

“-8x 12-bit filtered ADC”
How fast is your ADC?

Sounds good. Please keep us informed of any progress.



50 kHz sampling rate.

Prime Studios LLC



The board is made to integrate with the RCM4xxx modules, so yes it is ethernet ready.

Prime Studios LLC

Thanks for the support and interest! We are still prototyping, but there will be a product line by spring.

Prime Studios LLC