RCM6750 and or Rabbit 4000 availability

We have a couple of products based around the Rabbit processor, our older board based on the R4K and a newer board based on the RCM6750. We are having severe problems getting any supply of the RCM6750 (I found 4 parts in stock in OKDO last week but apart from that zilch) and as a stop gap asked our board manufacturer to do a run of our older board… Turns out the R4K is not in stock anywhere either.

I’m wondering at this stage does anyone have a stock of either of these devices which they would be willing to part with (RCM6760 might even work if we can remove the magnetics…)?

Alternatively, does anyone have any stock of the any of the Rabbit 4K boards with 512k battery backed RAM (RCM43XX, RCM42XX, RCM40XX)?