20-101-1321 RCM6760 Availability and 23 x RCM6700 for sale

Good morning, I’m sorry if this is the wrong forum but does anybody know if Digi will be manufacturing any more 20-101-1321 RCM6760 ?

We have had a number on back order for many months and have just been emailed ( from our UK supplier) with an update saying there will be further delays.

Please can somebody advise as this is a very important part for us, or does anybody know of any stock globally we could purchase ?

Many thanks in advance


PS If anyone needs them we have 23 x RCM6700 available to purchase?

Throw your part number in octopart and look at the unofficial distributors. It looks like there might be some in Hong Kong and China.

I would be skeptical of Chinese distributor stock levels though and make sure you get a photo of the parts before you buy as who knows if they are even the right part.

Nicholas Wilson
Your IoT

Thanks Nicholas - I really appreciate you reaching out.
We have tried a few “non-digi” distributors and their alledged stock availability and amazing prices raised quite a few red flags. What our UK distributors can’t tell us is if Digi will definitely be manufacturing the parts again.
Regards. Tim

Yes, Digi is definitely manufacturing the RCM67xx series boards again. There were repeated delays in the ship date of a voltage regulator IC for the boards, but those were recently resolved and manufacturing has resumed. I can’t speak to delivery dates, but Digi is working on filling the current backlog of orders.

Thanks Tom - I appreciate you taking the time to reply sir - that sounds encouraging!
Kind regards, Tim