Pin Usage and RCM4000 versus RCM4010

Hi everyone,

I am currently working with the RCM4010 and realized that my application will require more memory. I am looking at the RCM4000 as a potential solution, and am asking what I will be giving up in return?

Based on the specification Rabbit provides,

Aside from the loss of a few GPIO and the PWM, is there any real difference? You gain the 32MB flash NAND, which is what I’m really after and keep the Ethernet port (also important). My application will take data from a network and store it in the flash.

A second question I have is that a fellow Rabbit user told me that I could not use pins PC6, PD0-7, and PE4-7 because on the RCM4010 they were already being utilized by a process (for memory?) Can anyone confirm that this is in fact the case and what these may be used for? I think he may have mentioned something about extended memory but I’m not sure.

Thanks everyone!