conformation abt PWM

Hi friends
here i have some basic comparison doubts about rcm4000 and rcm4010?
is rcm4000 has the PWM or not?

and ADC is in build in rcm4000 or rcm4010?

and how to assign a future for a pin? for an example in a sample program of SPI folder i got some lines:
/*PB7 acts as the CS line on the RF
PB0 is the serial B clock line(SCLK)

PC4 is the data output(MOSI)
PC5 is the data input(MISO)*/

so they assigned PB7 for CS. right?
i hope so. if i want to assign CS for PC4 means what should i do?

another doubts in next post.
pls reply.
thanks in advanceā€¦