Migrating from RCM3000 to RCM4XXX

Hi, im migrating my hardware to the new RCM4XXX series. I see that use the same pin design, congrats to apply common sense in that area.:wink:

I already have a kit RCM4400W. My idea is design a board for all the series allowing use any of them according to the needs.

My board use 5 serial ports B,C,D,E and F. Also needs 6 pins for output. One pin for connect to one-wire network.
That’s all i required, but is required always.

Now the question:

Is possible to build that design allowing to plug under requirement the all brand of RCM4XXX series?

Also, i forget to ask, i use 74125, 74138 and 74126 LS series actually to work with RCM3000. Are that series the recommended for RCM4XXX or theres some trouble with thats?


Autoanswer part of my question, to help if somebody else is searching.

Seems like the serial portb is the choice at hour of sacrify a port using a feature specific of the core. Good form if rabbit use always the same port i can install a few dips and change between serial port a and serial port b.

Now, if somebody else can help me with the rest of the question many thanks in advance.


Here is a quick summary of ports available and shared ports that can be used, but would share the port with one or more core peripherals:
[li]RCM4000[list][/li][li]Port B: Shared w/ADC[/li][li]Port C & D: Available[/li][li]Port E & F: Not Available[/ul][/li][li]RCM4010 & RCM4020[/li][ul]
[li]Port B, C, D & F:Available[/li][li]Port E: Not Available[/ul][/li][li]RCM4100[/li][ul]
[li]Port B: Shared w/ADC[/li][li]Port C, D, E & F: Available[/ul][/li][li]RCM4110 & RCM4120[/li][ul]
[li]Port B, C, D, E & F: Available[/ul][/li][li]RCM4200[/li][ul]
[li]Port B: Shared w/ADC[/li][li]Port C: Shared w/Serial Flash[/li][li]Port D, E & F: Available[/ul][/li][li]RCM4210[/li][ul]
[li]Port C: Shared w/Serial Flash[/li][li]Port B, D, E & F: Available[/ul][/li][li]RCM4300[/li][ul]
[li]Port B: Multiple Shares (ADC/Serial Flash/SD Card)[/li][li]Port C, D, E & F: Available[/ul][/li][li]RCM4310[/li][ul]
[li]Port B: Multiple Shares (Serial Flash/SD Card)[/li][li]Port C, D, E & F: Available[/ul][/li][li]RCM4400w[/li][ul]
[li]Port B: Shared w/Serial Flash (only used during boot)[/li][li]Port C, D, E & F: Available[/ul][/li][li]RCM4510w[/li][ul]
[li]Port B: Shared w/RF (Async mode)[/li][li]Port C, D, E & F: Available[/ul][/li][/list]All shared ports, with the exception of RF on the RCM4510w, are configured in SPI mode. It would be easier if these shared ports are used in the same mode for all devices. In most shared situations, code would need to be added or modified to manage the resource sharing of the serial port to prevent usage conflicts.

For glue logic, you should use HC or VHC families.

Bill, thanks a lot. Thats the info i’m searching for. AFAIK cores from RCM3000 to RCM3400 shares the same io pins and all them have 6 ports available. I’m wrong? Do you have some doc like that for that core if i’m wrong?

Sincerely, if i’m right about RCM3XXX cores i will stay there, seems like a lot of complication to set up my app to share code and hardware between RCM4xxx cores.

Thanks again, i will expect your comments about RCM3xxx cores.