Any interest in Linux based Rabbit Core Module compatible board?

Hi All,

I am thinking of creating a Linux based board that would be the same dimensions as a Rabbit Core module (RCM5760) in my case, mechanically and electrically compatible with the Rabbit board, but supporting Linux 2.6, GCC, G++, Python, Apache, SSL etc. I am going to create this for an existing customer of mine, we’ve been using the Rabbit core modules for a number of years but have hit too many limitations with Dynamic C, memory limitations and are tired of the poor support from Rabbit.

Would anyone else out there be interested in such a product?

Thank you,

Hi !
Do you mean existing Rabbit hardware running Linux, or only Rabbit compatible board ?
If I could run Linux on Rabbit, that would be interesting,
I agree that Dynamic C is a little “old fashioned”

It would be a new board that is electrically and mechanically compatible with the Rabbit core modules.

Yes, very interested. Are you thinking along the lines of a gumstix with a rabbit footprint?
I assume you will be looking at ARM?

Hi Dave,

Yes the board would be small, same dimensions as a Rabbit Core Module, with same electrical connector. It would probably use an Atmel ARM chip and provide alll the basics expected : eithernet, serial ports, digital I/O, possibly some analog inputs, possibly room for a micro SD card.

I’m going to try and message you directly to get more details on your requirements.